Top 3 Cheapest European Universities

Top 3 Cheapest European Universities

These days, education can be pretty expensive, especially in European universities. But fear not, because there are some foreign countries that offer cheap education for those of you who seek an international bachelors’ degree or those of you who are looking to be an international postgraduate student. Countries such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Finland, Austria, Germany, and Greece offer low university fees and affordable living cost. These are some of the cheapest European universities you can get into.

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa in Italy

Besides being one of the cheapest universities in Europe, this university is also very eager to accept both European and International students. It was founded in 1810 and since then it has always wanted to offer education for every student worldwide who is willing to learn. That is why it has absolutely no tuition fees. Students can also live in the dormitories provided by the institution and the living cost will be fully covered by the university. But, in order to study here, the students must pass the entrance examinations and of course show their talents, capabilities, and wide knowledge.

Humboldt University in Germany

This university is located in Berlin and is one of the most affordable European universities for both local and foreign students.  If you can successfully pass the entrance examinations, you are only required to pay around 315 Euro per semester. However, the transportation, food, and other costs of living are not covered by the university so you would have to pay for them yourself. Another important thing to remember is that you need to have adequate knowledge of the German and English language if you truly want to study here.

The Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland

This university is one of the European universities that offer a very appealing scholarship, which is why it is considered as one of the cheapest universities. Even though it can cost you around 10.000 Euro per year to study here without a scholarship, you can apply for the scholarship that pretty much has no particular requirements.  Everyone can apply for the scholarship that will eventually cover your fees if you succeeded to pass. It is said that almost 40 per cent of students who applied for the scholarship won the financial support and got free education at this university.

European universities, as appealing as they are, can be quite expensive. But as we discussed in this article, there are also a lot of universities which offer education at a cheap price. Most of them offer financial support that includes tuition fees and living costs. That is why you should never be afraid of pursuing an education in European universities.

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